Month: October 2016

Why Outsource Your Medical Billing

Outsourcing is a common practice when it comes to medical billing. Most doctors will at some point find themselves outsourcing their medical billing to an at-home specialist, a professional medical billing company, or a practice management company. Here are some of the reasons doctors choose to outsource their billing....

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Benefits to Outsourcing Medical Billing

Deciding whether or not to outsource your billing can be a difficult decision for many people. However, it should be as easy as deciding whether or not to perform your own appendectomy. Medical Billing has always required a specialized set of skills, and in the last few years we’ve...

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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

The question of whether to outsource medical billing operations or keep the process in-house is one that weighs heavily on many doctors and practice managers. The right answer differs from practice to practice based on a multitude of factors: age of the business, size of local labor market, and...

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